Certified International Psychology Consultant

Certified International Psychology Consultant provides psychological consultations and advisement to insurance companies, organizations, industries, corporations, governmental agencies, universities, the military, family businesses, school systems, public service agencies, religious sects and similar groups. Certified International Psychology Consultant helps these agencies work more smoothly and efficiently by assessing, counseling and re-training their employees to improve their morale and increase their productivity. People with this skill also can assess the management team, safety protocols and efficiency experts in order to re-design management strategies that can improve a company’s bottom line.

Certified International Psychology Consultant generally specializes in a particular field of psychology to work in, such as clinical, social, organizational, school or forensic psychology.

Services provided by a Certified International Psychology Consultant typically include:
  1. Evaluating employees or staff
  2. Developing and implementing strategic plans
  3. Providing statistical analysis
  4. Coaching and educating the staff
  5. Assessing the leadership
  6. Conducting research
  7. Improving safety standards
  8. Appraising group dynamics
  9. Improving hiring practices
  10. Resolving disputes
  11. Administering psychological tests
  12. Assessing and developing talent in employees

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