Important Notice

Since its founding in 2003, the American Certification Institute has provided educational and career advancement opportunities for over 100,000 clients from all over the world. Our success would not be possible without the confidence and trust of our numerous clients.

However, with success comes imitators. We have recently been made aware of copycat websites using ACI’s logos and assets to lure unwitting clients into signing up. We have started legal actions forwards to all copycat websites. Meanwhile, we would like to remind our students be caution about these scam sites as certifications they provide will not be in ACI’s online registry, which means the certifications will not be valid and not be verifiable by employers from ACI.

To be safe, only directly access ACI via our main website at And only make purchases directly from our webstore at
Here is a currently known list of scam sites illegally using the ACI trademark and name:


If you happen upon any additional suspicious websites using ACI branding, please contact Thank you everyone for your continued support.