Global Partnernship

Even at its inception, ACI was formed with the intent of spreading its vision for access to pragmatic education across the globe. However, it was clear from the start that varying approaches to education all over the world are closely tied to regional cultures and economic realities. Therefore, it is necessary that ACI’s curriculum and accompanying delivery method be tailored to each region by educators and institutions who are intimately familiar with the unique challenges and needs present there. Thus, ACI is looking forward to forming and cultivating partnerships with regional education institutions with the goal of not only expanding but also improving our service.

Authorized partners will gain access to ACI branding, course curriculum, and ACI’s centralized digital assessment platform. Collaboration will also enable the ability to modify and append existing ACI course materials to better suit the needs partner institution.

In 2019, the American Certification Institute entered into a strategic alliance with Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in order to better create and distribute tailored courses for the Asian market.

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