On Test Day

Our online test platforms are designed to enrich your experience of taking the test. For some professionals and students though, an online exam may be an entirely new experience with many not knowing what to expect. Some are also worried about what skills or strategies are required to ace the online tests.

ACI’s online tests have the same steps that you follow while writing an in-class exam. There are some minor differences that you need to make a note of, however, with respect to online tests, being aware of these differences help you prepare thoroughly, well in advance!

If you are taking an online test for the first time, here are some pointers and checklists that can help make the process smooth and hassle-free.

  • ACI online tests are timed, scheduled, and closed book in nature.
  • You can take the test in a classroom, at home or a computer resource center.
  • Being timed, the test will have to be completed within the stipulated timeframe. You will not be able to stop and save the tests for later.

There are some important technology-related issues that have to be checked before taking the exam. These are mostly related to your computer and the Internet connection.

  • First, ensure your computer is in great working order and is technically capable. A consultant or a technician can help you check and confirm this if you are taking the test at a computer resource center. Some of the issues that need to be fixed include screen display, cache, space in your hard disk, processing speed, security settings and so on.
  • Check your Internet speed. Again, the advantage of taking the exam at the resource center is that a consultant can help check the Internet connectivity and speed. Check your browser, Internet options, broadband or WiFi speed.
  • Practice the login process before starting the test. Ensure you understand and are well-versed with the login and navigation of the online test platform. The test day is not the time to hunt for the relevant test on the course website or to experiment with passwords.

Here is a comprehensive checklist that helps you get set for the exam:

  • What is the website address (URL) of the test?
  • Can you read the test instructions in class prior to taking the test?
  • Do you have your student ID and test logins ready?


If you are taking the test in a controlled environment,

  • Check what kind of identification is needed.
  • Ask the supervisor or teacher for any help.
  • Carefully go over the instructions once you are at the test index page.
  • Is the time for the test tracked?
  • If yes, is there a display of the clock?
  • Can you save your test and return in case of an interruption?
  • Should you answer the questions in a sequence?
  • Can you change answers?
  • Can you review your work, check your progress and unanswered questions?
  • How can you save and exit so that your answers are not lost?
  • Is there a separate sequence to save to submit the test?
  • Is there an alert for unanswered questions?
  • Can you access your score and if yes, how?
  • Do you get the scores immediately?
  • Is it possible to make a paper-backup of answers?
  • If you can you complete the answer in word format and then copy and paste in the test format.
How can we help you?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.