Getting Your Results

Now that you have completed your tests, you may be wondering when the results would become available!

There are specific training course requirements that you have to meet before you take up the online tests. You will get the test scores ten days post the completion of the test. The online result will be the final score.


At ACI, you have the convenience of three attempts to take the online certification test with your registration. The three attempts are additional to the first attempt you make to pass the certification exam. If you register for the same course test again after your third attempt, your scores from the first three attempts will not be counted. Besides, when you register again for the same course, you will also have to pay the required test fees.

If you need more information on attempts and re-registration, please consult with your region representative.

Please also note:

    • The test results are valid for ten years.
    • You can check your results online anytime throughout its validity period.
    • You are required to abide by the ACI Code of Conduct and our test policy. We will not be able to send you the test result if there is any violation of these policies and codes.
    • While you have the convenience of checking the results online, we are unable to send these results by phone, fax or email.
    • Please note that we will not report your scores if there is any violation of the code of conduct or test policy. The test fees also will not be refunded.


    For our customer service contact information, please click here for your ACI region.

How can we help you?

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