Certified International Image Designer (CIID)

Believe that your organization’s marketing managers can also be better strategic brand managers? Are you a graduate looking to start or advance your career in corporate branding and communications? Certified International Image Designer (CIID) is designed to help individuals and organizations develop powerful branding strategies that drive business growth and sustainability.

Marketing is incomplete and ineffectual without a well-considered branding approach. A successful corporate brand is a sum of many parts, reflecting your company’s values, mission and objectives, and managing every piece of communication disseminated by your company to the public. Even the best products/services can fail when they are not backed by strategic marketing and branding.

The CIID program offers an in-depth understanding of the underlying framework and tools to create a compelling brand identity and strengthen an existing brand. It can be customized to suit the needs of your brand, and serve as a substitute or a complementary resource to external branding consultation.

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