Certified International Business Negotiation Expert (CIBNE)

Managers negotiate on a daily basis, with direct reports, peers, suppliers, C-suite, business partners and other organizational stakeholders. Negotiations are an inextricable part of leadership communication, helping seal the deal, putting out fires and restoring calm, depending on the particular situation. The goal of effective negotiation for managers is not to ‘have their way’ but to arrive at the best possible agreement.

The CIBNE program provides a framework to assess and enhance decision-making processes in successfully reaching international agreements. It draws inspiration from global negotiation education propounded by scholars and trainers.

You will gain a deep understanding of this multi-disciplinary science as it exists in the modern era across a variety of cultural settings. It includes the ‘softer’ aspects of negotiation such as curiosity, reflection and collaboration, as well as strategic aspects covering computational models for negotiating complex contracts, positional bargaining, role-play and online communications, among other interesting topics.

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