Certified International Etiquette Trainer (CIET)

Etiquette is a pre-requisite to success in some industries boosts chances of professional success in others. Etiquette training is a lucrative career option for individuals interested in the art and science of good behaviour, cross-cultural communications, protocol and diplomacy, and a cultivated appreciation of the fine things in life.

Certified International Etiquette Trainer (CIET) covers all aspects of training in social etiquette, image, style and elegance. As a certified individual, you will be in a prime position to render professional advice to executives and private clients who wish to master the rules of good behaviour that enable them to navigate the demands of their career or social network with grace.

The program offers a broad window of understanding into the contemporary practices of elite corporations around the world. A CIET certification will empower you with the competency to decode, describe and impart global etiquette across global settings as varied as North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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