International Project Management Professional (IPMP)

Project management is a critical tool used in every organization or industry to improve efficiency. Project management professionals are in great demand across different sectors whether in engineering, Information Technology, construction or retail!

Globally, there is a 12 percent annual increase in demand for project management professionals! Hiring a PMP certified project management professional gives organizations the much-needed competitive edge to thrive in the hyper-competitive business context.

PMP stands for ‘project management professional’ and is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute). PMP Certification is the gold standard globally for project managers and demonstrates your skills, experiences, knowledge, and competencies in managing projects.

IPMP launches your career!

Our International Project Management Professional (IPMP) is a comprehensive training course designed to help you obtain the valuable PMP certification.

Our trainees have been able to launch their international career and have earned professional recognition and good pay packages besides sharpening their managerial skills in sectors including IT, Oil and Gas, and Education.

International Project Management Professional (IPMP) Certification is the best project management course that helps you differentiate yourself in the global work environment. The IPMP certification arms you with updated skills that are relevant to meet current business challenges while you also gain deep insights into managing emerging opportunities. This professional certification program upgrades your skills to enable you to solve complex issues, set goals, make informed decisions, communicate effectively with all stakeholders, and take on leadership roles and initiatives.

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